Audiovisual Production Geneva – Switzerland – CAP image realization
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Our Skills

Products and services

Enhancing products and services through creative concepts aligned with business strategy.

From the product pack-shot to the entire script, the types of presentation cover a broad spectrum.


We design and produce advertising spots adapted to different distribution media.

TV, cinema, internet site, viral marketing, social networks, public transportation and poster networks… The imaging techniques are many and varied, according to the target that has been determined

Architecture and property

Creation of computer-generated images for the presentation of property projects.

They can be animated, integrated into the website, interactive, and real people can live there. Integration into a film can constitute a real decision-making tool. They reassure us, by allowing us to project ourselves into the future.

Health, safety, quality and environment

Security issues have become a priority within companies. As conventional audiovisual approaches become outmoded, it is essential to present educational and impactful audiovisual tools.

The mixing of techniques: video, 3D, motion capture, special effects, etc., allows us to present all kinds of situations in a personalised environment.

Training and processes

An audiovisual training programme can have a substantial educational impact. It is intended to present procedures, processes, recommendations, change management or products through user tutorials.

In e-learning format on an intranet, via public screenings, available for consultation on the web or in augmented reality, it saves hours of technical instruction and PowerPoint presentations.

Interviews and reporting

In the form of a testimonial or in pursuit of a strategic approach, an interview makes it possible to address authentic messages within the context of external or internal distribution. It can offer powerful support, during sales presentations for example, and is indispensable for recruitment sites and the revitalisation of social networks.

Real live

Numerous events take place in the life of a company, whether they are conventions, team management events, commercial presentations, performances or webcasts, and our offer includes a complete service: cameramen, control room, lighting, projection, sound system and, if necessary, live webcasting.

Jobs and skills

Expertise is the way companies add value. Within the same company, occupations are frequently multi-faceted. Placing emphasis on the employees and paying a visit to the heart of the company are a good way to acknowledge their skills and expertise.


Internal events provide an opportunity to develop unifying projects.

An annual convention, a company anniversary, a special event… We can involve employees in a super film production, or we can catch them out with a hidden, candid camera.

Content marketing

In addition to films, we are developing “lightweight” multimedia tools that enable rapid updates and changes. They support sales forces, public presentations, projects or companies. They are packaged and easily posted on social networks.