Making movies and project developement in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality – Geneva - Switzerland
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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality allows us to insert 2D or 3D images into reality, using a smartphone or a tablet.

The I-cap* (IOS and Androïd) mobile app allows you to enrich the content of printed media, and to access additional digital information in video format, through photos, .pdf files, .jpeg files, scratch images, competitions, 3D object tracking, 360° visits, interactive tablets, e-commerce, etc.


SmartMap allows to discover to the macro scale a project or an existing situation

SmartMap is a connected tool that provides access to rich digital content from a print medium.It is a product of the combination of immersive technologies: Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

SmartMap – Features

Technicals informations on SmartMap

SmartMap is used to present a project, an organization, a system or any situation requiring an educational approach. You will discover through this video the many features which it offers to the users.

Virtual Reality

Sometimes you cannot get the people you are talking to into the heart of the action. You need to simulate situations that will help you achieve your goals.

Virtual reality plunges the participant into an interactive universe created from scratch.

Thanks to the perfect recognition of his movements, the participant becomes captive in a world in which he interacts.

Visualise, move, learn, touch, decide – so many actions the participant can undertake to enjoy a fascinating experience.

Virtual reality with CAP image is creative, didactic and captivating.

Visit 360

Did  you know, it is possible to visit a place without having to travel?

To see what is happening all around you in 360° and, in an intuitive way, to go and find the information that interests you?

To find yourself at the heart of a universe where you can explore, discover a space in its true dimensions, and simply click to move?

You don’t need any specific equipment, and in one click you can access the information on your computer, your tablet or your smartphone… and all with the possibility of immersing yourself totally using simple Virtual Reality glasses.

This technology offers your customers the opportunity to experience a new and first-rate experience

Images are available in 360 photo, 360 video or 360 drone mode.

The 360 Visit with CAP image is concrete, educational and reassurin

Smart IMMO

To present your property development projects, you need efficient partners who offer you relevant solutions and help you to tie up contracts quickly.

We have developed a virtual tour concept that allows you to visit a property, room by room, in a single click and with complete clarity

We have devised a “home staging” solution which presents a furnished version of each space within the accommodation so that users can imagine themselves there.

You can also explore the exterior environment, the plan in 2D or 3D, and of course, if you wish, you can immerse yourself in 360° with simple virtual reality glasses

SmartIMMO with CAP image, it’s simple, quick and effective!

Serious Game

In terms of training, reality sometimes prevents us from confronting learners with the wide diversity of situations that they need to experience.

The serious game is the ideal solution to this problem. It allows you to simulate real working conditions and to confront learners with every potential situation.

In this way, they can experiment, reflect, act by themselves, and test their knowledge.

Whether it is on a smartphone, a computer or in Virtual Reality, learners validate their learning using a pedagogically sound approach

With CAP image, the serious game is educational, customised and innovative